Sunday, May 29, 2011

Greater love hath no man...

This is one of a continuing series of lessons prepared from the 2011 Gospel Doctrine Manual: The New Testament. The lesson today includes material found in John 12:1-8. This lesson is also posted here.

Scriptural Background
This lesson finds Christ preparing to enter Jerusalem to suffer his passion and fulfill his ultimate mission through the sacrifice of his blood. He knew the awful ordeal that awaited him and in all likelihood viewed its impending horror with trepidation. He understood the adulation of the crowds that followed him; that ultimately they would leave him and he would stand alone, shouldering the sins of all mankind as a final act of love and surrender. The burden of the coming days weighed heavily on him and he suffered. In his suffering, as any man might do, he longed for solace and support, for the companionship and association that comes only from those that know him well and love him as a result of that knowledge. It was this desire to be with friends one last time that led him to the home of Lazarus, Martha and Mary.

Friday, May 20, 2011

President Packer's false teachings: An explanation

Since my post yesterday in which I stated that in my view Elder Packer's teachings on homosexuality are in fact false, I have had a number of friends ask if my testimony of the Gospel has changed. These friends find it impossible for a committed Latter-day Saint to question the teachings of a member of The Twelve.

Suffice it to say--no, my testimony of the Gospel or of President Packer's prophetic calling has not changed.

Another rant against MOM's and Elder Packer's false teachings...

It's been nearly three weeks since my last post and I hadn't had the urge to write during that entire period. A close friend of mine recently posted a series of essays that resulted in a number of responses by those who tend to believe and espouse vociferously the gospel according to Evergreen International, a gospel that is based on lies, distortions and false hope.

After reading a series of lengthy responses from a young man who calls himself "A Peculiar Light," I could stay quiet no longer. Below is my response to APL's ongoing argument.

"Young men like APL are not just frustrating. They are DANGEROUS.