Sunday, April 8, 2012

He lifts me up in his perfect love...

On this beautiful Easter day, I feel compelled to thank God for a wonderful world and express my deepest love for him and his son, Jesus. While there is so much evil and contention in the world, there is a sense of peace available to all as well. That peace for me comes from the knowledge that Christ is my redeemer and is the savior of all mankind...even me.

How humbled I am that despite my sinful nature and rebellious ways, Christ loves me, accepts me, and without regard, is willing to lift me up in his perfect love.


  1. Hi Clive,
    Hope you can have a nice Easter.
    I am Brazilian living in a beautiful beach city in the South o Brazil. I found your blog last week and is very good. You have my support ok?
    A big hug to you and have a nice week.


  2. Thanks for your kind words! They are greatly appreciated.

  3. No, being gay isn't a sin - it's part of our finite existence; what you do with your feelings is. See if you can’t glean from this or read between the lines how much we love you. All atheists believe in death - death is a part of life, is it not? While the term 'indelible' does mean ‘never ending’, we croak and our soul's indelible --- Nevertheless, never fear. You'll find-out soon enough in the Warning which will come directly from Almighty God - only a foretaste of Heaven, a horrific picture of Hell, and a picture of Purgatory. You must choose, therefore, which destination you wish to inhabit. Where am I going?? Straight-on-up, baby, no passing GO measly $200. God bless you with discernment.

  4. Thanks for your great story and This Posting appreciated.