Saturday, October 13, 2012

The joy of (gay) dating...follow-up....

Maurice sent me the following reply to the email I sent him yesterday (see yesterday's blog post). I'm sharing because so many of you wanted to know the rest of the story....


I really appreciate your message and what you had to say, wise one! No wonder you were a Bishop! Your approach to finding a partner sounds logical to me.

Yes, let's do get together and get to know each other better! So far, I'm having a pretty busy weekend coming up and the following weekend I'm going to Bryce/Zions with some friends. Maybe an evening after work this coming week we could go for a walk and or a bite to eat? I will try to call you this weekend.



  1. Saying what you want to say and stating your intentions really does work. Sounds like a good response to me!

  2. Some people prefer to date gay men and this is something that you could also do with the help of chat roulette. There are sites that can make this happen for you.

  3. I'm glad Maurice has that response. I hope you got together for that walk.... -hug- I love you, Clive.