Thursday, December 30, 2010

Righteous indignation (or did I just make an ass of myself...)

Those who know me generally see me as an easy going congenial kind of guy. Those who know me well know that I have a dark side, that when my buttons are pushed (which isn't very often), I can get more than a little riled.

Tonight my buttons were pushed.

Browsing blogs a few moments ago, I read an entry by a fellow MOHO that was a little unsettling. It shouldn't have been, but it was.

His blog included one more entry (please, someone, tell me how many more times we're going to have to read posts on this topic???) about how difficult it is to come out because members of the Church only see gay men as the outrageous and ribald "pervs" marching in some wild and lascivious gay parade. (To his credit, he didn't actually write those words, but the intent was clear.)

Thank goodness one of the commentors had the patience to remind the blogger that the only reason church members saw gays as "pervs" (my word, not his...I'm still a bit heated)is because "good" people like the blogger didn't have the "spine" (commentors word, not mine) to come out and set an example that would ultimately change erroneous stereotypes.

All okay until I read another comment written by a "worthy" woman who "loved gays", but would abhor having a "Ms. Thing" sit in front of her at Church after "it" had marched in the local pride parade . ("Why, my children have never seen a man in a bathing suit and they would be ruined for life if they saw one in Church...." said Ms. Scarlet, batting her lush lashes with righteous indignation.)(Please, forgive my license.)

My gut boiled.... I couldn't (or wouldn't) control myself. I posted an acerbic and perhaps rude comment....

And why? (Please let me vent...)

It is this kind of well-meaning (but hateful, nonetheless)hypocrisy that perpetuates homophobia specifically and bigotry in general. And more importantly, her attitude about those who are different IS DEFINITELY NOT CHRISTIAN! (Whew! Thanks for letting me get that out. I feel better already.)

When Christ taught the Jews, he spent much of his time (by some accounts most of his time) with the "Ms. Thing" of his era (the "Gentile", the adulteress, the tax collector, the wine bibber, the leper). He treated these, his children, with love and compassion ("...of these is the kingdom of heaven." "Neither do I condemn thee.")

Please correct me if my memory serves me poorly, but during his ministry, Christ's anger was pointed only at the "worthy" members of the Church, the Scribes, the Pharisees, and the temple workers. It was their hypocrisy that drove his anger on at least two occasions to actual violence.

Anonymous (she who loves gays didn't have the courtesy to use her sign-in ID) and other "righteous" members of the Church like her fail to understand that Christ's arms are open to ALL, EVERYONE, NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no better place in the world for me, for Anonymous or for "Ms. Thing" than to be sitting in a pew on Sunday morning embraced in the love the Gospel affords. (Interestingly, I would be more concerned about the bad behavior of the members of the typical ward than I would that of Ms. Thing.)

What Anonymous fails to realize is that before God, we are all unworthy and imperfect creatures. We all stand the same--condemned. It is only through the blood of Christ we are saved after all we can do.

I hope Anonymous will look past my vitriol and think about my message. I hope when Ms. Thing takes a seat in front of Anonymous in Sacrament Meeting, she will be the first to encircle Ms. Thing with the love and support she deserves and Christ encourages.


  1. Wow...

    Somebody did get his feathers riled up.

  2. Is that what is mean by rhetorical imperative? I rather think your button was punched. But I agree. Over that past year I have observed a very unsettling, clear difference between Christ’s gospel and many members’ application of it to daily living. If I were to make a decision to join the LDS church based on my observations, I wouldn’t. I do, however, believe in the principles taught by Christ.

    I happen to believe that God cares more about how I treat my gay partner than that I have one. I need to constantly work at applying His principles in my relationship.

    However, if we believe in the correctness of his basic principles, we must also forgive those who offend us, bless those who curse us, and do good to those who hate us. We must not become like “them”.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Trey, wise words and good counsel. Now that I've had a night to sleep on it, I believe my intent was good. I somewhat lost it in the execution. Good learning experience... :-)