Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's time for a breather...

Yes, I've been running at full speed for so long that it's time for a breather. I just need a little opportunity to relax, maybe watch a movie or two, and let things slow down a bit.

I've finally reached the point where I might be just a tad over-extended...too much activism (I met with an open-minded Tea Party big shot today about common ground--opening a dialog about gay issues with Tea Party leadership), too much volunteering (I just finished revising a not-for-profit's employee handbook from scratch and am beginning to do the same with their operations manual), too much dating (I've had a date every day for the last ten days but one), too much work (I have a lingering project that I hate (intentional use of a very negative word) hanging over my head), and too much ambiguity (where do I stand with TBM?). All of this stuff is good, no great. I love it and the excitement it all affords. I actually wouldn't want my life any other way (except for maybe the ambiguity--when it comes to matters of the heart, ambiguity is a real...well it's not good.).

The problem with all this is that I'm beginning to feel like Frodo as he approached Mordor, just a little too thin.

My antidote is simple. I intentionally have nothing draining scheduled for this weekend--no dates, no projects, no dinners, no parties, and very little work. I think I'll spend my time skiing, watching movies with my new roomy, and sleeping in. I'll just enjoy the weekend slip through my fingers. That should recharge my battery and leave me ready to hit the ground running.

But then there's that damned ambiguity....

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