Monday, March 21, 2011

Speak the truth...

Yesterday the Gospel Doctrine lesson focused on Christ's effort to teach truth and his use of parables, his favorite teaching tool. It was through parables that Christ taught truth in a way that those who heard his words best understood and believed his message.

And how does this apply to you and me? I think, like Christ, we gay men and woman have an obligation to teach the truth. We must help the world see us for who we are. Through teaching truth, ignorance, fear, and bigotry are overcome by knowledge, love and acceptance.

Like Christ, we must stand as witnesses of that truth about ourselves and our lives at all times and in all places. We must be willing to kindly yet clearly spread the Good News that being gay is a gift from God, that we are worthy men and women who are created in His image, that He loves us and answers our prayers, and that this knowledge brings us joy.

As Christ used parables, we must find the right way to spread the truth, perhaps through parables, allegory, or analogy; perhaps directly, simply, sincerely. The important point is that for the Spirit to bear witness of this truth to those we teach, it must be shared with kindness, meekness and love, avoiding contention, anger and conflict.

I believe it is good for us to step from under the shadow of complacency and fear. It is good for us to stand in the light of day and speak clearly, thoughtfully, with the conviction of our cause. There are many among us in our community who have long shouldered the burden of truth and to them we owe a great debt. As a result of their efforts, the world has changed from the way it was.

But more change is required. It is time for all of us to step out forcefully, fearlessly, united in our conviction. As the world sees our numbers and our virtue, it cannot help but appreciate our value.

If we fail to take up this challenge, the Destroyer will continue to spread misunderstanding, falsehood, bigotry, and hate--unopposed. In the end, evil will triumph.

This alternative is unacceptable for us and for those who come after us. How much better a world built on a foundation of truth and love. It is possible.

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