Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the death of my friend's partner...

I have a friend who lost her partner last week.

She and her partner lived together, laughed together, worked together, ate together, drank together, celebrated together, sorrowed together, planned together, volunteered together, traveled together, served together, played together, and made love together.

Together they found joy.

But now my friend is alone. Grieving.

God said, "It is not good for man[kind] to be alone."

My bishop told me that if I want to remain a Saint in good standing, I must live alone, laugh alone, work alone, eat alone, drink alone, celebrate alone, sorrow alone, plan alone, volunteer alone, travel alone, serve alone, play alone. And at night I must remain alone....

God said, “Men are that they might have joy.”

Is it possible for men to find joy, alone? Perhaps...

But even God has a companion.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I can't imagine a sadder situation to be in. It is NOT good for man to be alone. We are herd creatures and anyone who professes the need to be alone to be in good standing has no clue what is like to endure days and nights in this situation. Lucky for most of us we have friends and even "adopted family" that can help fill even if in a small way the need to be with others while you're out there looking!

    Love you man!

  2. I think it is possible to find joy in being alone, but never possible to find joy in being lonely. Miguel, is right we need to find people that make us not lonely. If we do all those things alone, it is fine, if it fulfills you. If not, find someone to fill it. Your bishop, with all due respects, is wrong. Even he doesn't do those things alone, that he can't bear.