Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Confession time...

It's confession time. Knowing some of you as I do, I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but (deep breath), here goes...


I don't care if they're tall or short, muscular or skinny, black or white. They can be handsome or plain, tan or pale, smooth or hairy. They can be rolly or polly, scraggy or scrawny, manly or muliebrous. They can be standing or sitting or walking or running (I especially like to watch men run). They can be climbing up or climbing down, jumping up or falling down. They can be swimming or diving, yawning or yodeling, or simply breathing. It doesn't matter.

Bottom line—looking at men makes me happy

And, I must add, they don't even need to be naked. (In all honesty, I'd just as soon see the pretty face, broad shoulders and tight ass draped with a little CK or Zegna.)

But I’m always left with a question. If I love gazing at men so much and get so much pleasure from simple observation, why do I feel “slight pangs of guilt” when I engage in this seemingly innocuous pastime? After all, I'm just looking--sort of like window shopping at Fernwoods or Sweets or Sees.

Hmmm…that’s a question I’ll worry about tomorrow. Today, I’m just going to ignore the guilt and keep on staring.

After all, looking at men makes me feel so happy…


  1. why do I feel “slight pangs of guilt” when I engage in this seemingly innocuous pastime?

    ... Because the "pornography is evil" mindset and the sexual repression that are prevalent in the LDS church (and in US Christianity in general) are difficult to ignore.

    As a result, we equate appreciation for the beauty of the human body with overt sexualization of that body--which is itself the equivalent of adultery ("whoso looketh upon a [man] to lust after [him]..."). Ergo to enjoy looking at a man (even fully clothed) is as evil as adultery.

    Of course, that's rubbish. I don't doubt that God Himself is an absolutely beautiful man, worthy of admiration, and that He appreciates the beauty that He has created in the human form.

  2. Well, the Mission President always said, If you don't look once you're not a man....

  3. ... If I don't look once, it's usually because the other person isn't a man... :)

  4. I can't say that I have the same problem. In fact, quite the opposite. ; ) But I am left with just one question...


    wth is muliebrous? : )


  5. LOL. Loved your responses and laughed for 10 minutes. BTW, Scott wins the prize for writing what I was just too tired to write myself. And thanks to him, I don't feel guilty any more about being a troll at the gym. I figure that if the young cut guys are willing to be the scenery, I'm more than happy to appreciate the view.

    And by the way, the 1913 Websters Dictionary (which was published the year I started high school) defines muliebrous as catamenial, effeminate, or having the qualities or characteristics of a woman. (We used it all the time back in those days. :) )

  6. I, too, have a confession to make: I love looking at men! :)