Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm not the typical Moho....


It's clear to me that I'm not the typical Moho. Those who know me well understand that I'm a mass of contradictions. I don't fit anyone's mold or stereotype, nor do I want to. As a long-time friend told me not too long ago, "I just think I've got you figured out and then you head in a whole new direction that just blows me away."

The fact is, I'm an open book with few secrets and as a result have little to fear. That was what made coming out so liberating. My last real secret (well, almost--Mark, you've promised not to tell, remember!) is now a matter of public record! Because of that, I am really a happy man!

People know up front my opinions, my sensitivities and my preferences. They know my weaknesses and flaws, my good habits and bad. They understand that while I'm a man of confidence and maybe even a little arrogance, my obvious imperfections tend to balance things out.

I'm friendly, outgoing and easy to get along with, but on the other hand, I have certain strongly held beliefs about which I may appear to be bullheaded. I am open-minded, flexible, and willing to try just about anything once. At the same time I can be timid and shy. While I'm a tightwad by nature, I try to be generous and kind.

I'm an outspoken advocate of the Gospel and its principles, but practice my faith in what most would consider an unorthodox way (and as a result am probably heading for eventual Church discipline, but as Beyonce sings, I'm up on that. I doubt it will change my belief system too much).

While I am active in conservative politics and generally see liberals as disingenuous hypocrites (a-hum--please, my liberal friends, do not lecture me on civility in discourse until you begin practicing civility yourselves--George Bush...(and he's been gone for over two years) need I say more? LOL :-)), I am a strong supporter of most liberal causes.

I go to clubs regularly, but am totally abstemious. I'm not into meaningless sex or pornography, but find the male form God's most beautiful creation and can stare at it for hours. I love to buy clothes, but would rather be naked. I see myself as a skinny runt, but pride myself on my pecs and six-pack. I am definitely not the best looking guy in the bar, but believe I can usually pick up the guy who is.

I'm spontaneous. I'm fun. I'm focused and serious.

In the end, I'm a very happy man who is satisfied with his life and what it has to offer.

And why this preamble about my contradictions? Because after the lofty nature of my last two posts, I've just got to share this music video. I've been watching it for weeks and (to my chagrin) absolutely LOVE IT! It's definitely not Wagner (luv ya, Pilgrim (catch the double entendre, there?), but it's almost as fun.

At the risk of being taken too seriously, anybody wanna see my peacock? LOL!


  1. I don't know what a typical Moho is...

    Everyone Moho comes with their own quirks and beliefs. Some of us want to stay in the church and be celibate, some of us want to be out of it and fornicate. Some of us make our own interpretations of shades of gray. Some of us still wear G's but would rather wear CK's and some wear everything else in between. Our books of Mormon all all covered in different glitter colors even if only figuratively. Some are still in the closet and learning to crack-open the door, some are very out, loud and proud and their leaders say it is OK!

    BUT all of us want to love and be loved in return. Now when you really think about it, Mormons are all just like this. Can you imagine what the church would be if only the culture would openly allow for a little diversity? We'd have G's in all colors, patters and materials, we'd sing "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine" as closing hymn. We'd have much more flair in temple designs and decor...

    The possibilities are endless! If only, if only...

    Love your postings!

  2. Contradictions make life interesting :)

  3. I'm a burning ball of contradictions myself. Nothin' to be ashamed of...