Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maybe I will fall in love...

Rather than beat around the bush, I'll get right to the point. I had a date this afternoon, my third this week. This date was different.

After about an hour of talking and laughing and enjoying his company, surprisingly, I actually felt those little butterflies in my chest for the first time in months . You know what I'm talking about--those flighty little creatures that rear their dangerous heads when things are going just a bit too well; when you begin to get an inkling that there might be real potential for something more than just good conversation and a quick make-out.

The man was someone I've watched from a distance for over a year. We actually met at a party a month ago and had dinner together last week. Today we went to a sporting event, a last minute thing that began as a quick get together and ended four hours later.

Now, you will ask, why for heaven's sake am I blogging about this? Why would I want the world to know about a date that might actually mean something?

The answer to these questions, guys, is important--no, critical. The thing I want to share is that I ACTUALLY FELT THE BUTTERFLIES!

After dating and dating and dating, I had come to the point where I began believing that finding and feeling something really special was not in my lot--that the butterflies had actually fled or died or something.

The revelation that made today amazing is that the butterflies are there, alive and well, that I still have the capacity to feel the thrill of infatuation and the intoxication of romance.

Honestly, I have no idea where my relationship with this man will go. He might have felt nothing more for me than simple hospitality. If that is the case, I'm okay.

The important thing about today is that the butterflies are real and as a result, my life will be well.

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