Monday, February 21, 2011

So my blog has racy pictures... and that's a problem?

Several of my friends have commented recently about my choice of photos to "enhance" the message of my blog. To my surprise, their criticism has not been altogether positive. These friends have expressed concern about the sensual nature of some of the pictures and asked that I tone things down just a bit. One friend went so far as to say that "[my] writing was much too good to be attached to such lewd, sexually degrading material." (Lewd, sexually degrading material????? Please, Bert...Really?).

Well, I understand clearly where these people are coming from. We all live in a world in which the female form is lauded for its beauty and placed in prominence at every turn. A guy (gay of course) can't drive down the frickin' freeway without having a woman's T&A's forced in his lap by one billboard after another. The television is even worse. Thank goodness I've got TIVO. No Bud Lite or Victoria's Secret commercials in my house.

To society at large, all this sex and skin seems to be perfectly acceptable so long as the sex and skin is of the female variety...But put a little man flesh on a gay blog post every now and then and the world falls apart. Sodom and Gomorrah here we come.

Let me interject and reassure that I have no interest in pornography. Pictures of male sex acts may in fact be as revolting to me as they are to my Lesbian sisters. On the other hand, I believe the apex of God's creation is the male body. When viewed in its primitive state, it offers a true glimpse of eternity and confirms the divine nature of God's magnum opus.

And so my beloved friends and readers, I will continue to search for and post photographs and drawings that represent best the lessons I am trying to teach. I promise to avoid photos that I deem are gratuitously sexual in nature, but for the benefit of most of my gay readers, I will continue to post artistic renderings that show man and his loving nature in all its beauty and grace.


  1. Over the years (and it's quickly approach 5 big ones!) I've received similar criticism. I, too, have no interest in pornography, and maybe I've been stunted in my sensitivities but I find no "lewd or sexually degrading material" in your blog.

    Keep up the beautiful posts!

  2. Good grief! What must people think of MY blog? Should my ears be burning?

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